Lateral Perspectives

The huge world inside a tiny head


I am just too lazy to figure out how  layout in WordPress works, so I am just gonna go with the flow and do temporary adjustments when I feel like it. Like the day I decided to start writing in a blog.

In case this happens to be the introduction page, HELLO!!!

I had another version earlier on, and as I have promised myself, I hereby, take the trouble to write something better, than the piss poor intro that I had written earlier.I still haven’t fiddled with the layout in WordPress yet, so yeah.. and here’s a picture to boot.DSC_4746

(Taken at Parunthumpara,Kerala.No banana for scale)

Dear reader, my name is Praveen Mathew,hailing from a beautiful place in the southern part of India called Kerala. Currently living in Singapore and working as a Network Administrator. I speak Malayalam, English and hope to learn french if I get the time.

Praveen loves to read, thinks he plays the libero position in Volleyball quite well, and scribbles his thoughts and whatever stories and poems that occur to him in here for all the internet to see.

He like to travel as well, but please, do not compare him to those vain people who puts “wanderlust” as their motto and shit.

He is  not a foodie (If the only reason you try different food is so that you can boast and put in facebook/instagram,please get your ass off this page right now.He does not wish to deal with such people) , but will try anything that is put in front of him.The only things that he won’t say no to are, what his mom cooks, and street food.

Wait.Why am I speaking in third person? So I…..

– have a certain fondness for photographs. Those that can tell different stories and those that capture something in this space-time continuum, and then those that does justice to my eyes. I own a Nikon, so you might occasionally see a photograph here and there.

– adore Movies. Big fan. Biiiiigg fan. I can watch your adrenaline rushing movies and your typical french noir with equal gusto.

About reading, I am a big fan of Orhan Pamuk, David Mitchell, Isaac Assimov, and malayalam authors like Basheer, O.V.Vijayan, M Mukundan etc…

I think thats all about me, I guess. I have low tolerance for bullshit. I understand that society requires and demands certain conversational maneuvering. It is an elegant art, to talk with diplomacy, and without hurting the sentiments of others, but oh, I would prefer a honest, straight-forward person any time.

And oh, a single guy as well. 23 years old while writing this. You do the math.

Aand a big addict of Quora,xkcd, SMBC and 9gag.

And without further ado, welcome into the stuff inside this  little head that holds a thousand thoughts.

My “Lateral Perspectives“.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Good one!!

  2. Glad to know that you didn’t worry too much about the layout and just begun writing! Sometimes, worrying too much about the technicalities of blogging (or anything rather) , hold us back from expression or desired pursuits. Anyway, it is great to have stumbled upon your blog and to read your honest and refreshing musings! Keep writing:)

    • Thank you Ysabel, I should have written this reply earlier, but couldn’t thin of a proper reply. I still don’t have one,but the important thing is to respond, I guess. Thank you for the encouragement, and yes, I will be writing more and more.

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