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The lonely bubble


I took this picture at Ootty,India while on a visit with my family. I was trying desperately to get a good shot of bubbles with a kid as a background, but failed spectacularly. However caught this big lonely guy. Would have been better if the smaller bubble wasn’t there. Now, I could have digitally removed it, but hey I got my ethics 😀

To tell the truth, as some of you might be thinking now, I too think, that maybe we aren’t alone. Somebody could be behind us, but we got lost in the big wide world.



Apart from scribbling stuff online, I do try to pursue the creative art of photography, once a while. I am not religious, but my roommate is, and he lighted a lamp. Loved the ambience, grabbed the camera. Edited in various styles below. Lamp_60s Lamp_B&W Lamp_Cross_Process Lamp_Duo_Tone Lamp_Minimal

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