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Lonely Little Star

It was quite windy up in the hill. Past midnight, my favourite time to visit my cozy little open spot. Hope nobody is there right now. I want it all for myself.

Simply put, its a small hard rock at a small height which allows one to sit, and long enough to actually lie on. Not comfortable for too long, but just nice for me. The moon is out in all its glory. Opened YouTube and played a song with good guitar strums. You know, the sort of songs that are perfect for situations like this. Not that I was in any situation- it was pretty much my vibe all the time, except when I have to fake happiness and disinterest. Anyway, I’m lying there, looking at the beautiful moon, my thoughts going in circles, breaking, adding new thoughts, circling back- the usual mess.

An hour or something might have passed. I was lying down and was looking just at the plain sky distractedly and then I saw -there was a star there. A tiny little star, that somehow evaded my eyes for the past hour. Was it there earlier?  Or did I just miss it while I was it lulling in my own thoughts?

Or was it because the moon’s shine was so bright, I didn’t think about the stars at all?

Oh, how I feel for you, lonely star,

for I too have been a little star you like at times.

Never bright enough, but always noticed when the moon shines not,

only to be forgotten when the light comes back on.


Oh, how I feel for you, lonely star,

for the color of your glow is different

a mixture of green and blue,

but only visible, if one only looks close enough.

Lost among a hundred stars, and out shined by the moon too.


                                   Do you feel lost too, my little star?

                                   Do you wish you were bigger , brighter

or perhaps, far away from the moon, or maybe this galaxy,

so that someone always comes across you when searching?


Have you felt insignificant too, my melancholic star?

Have you craved for care, for love, for attention?

Or perhaps, unlike me, you do not wallow in self-pity,

shining proud and strong,

with not a care in the world

for who notices you and not.


Perhaps, at this very moment, to think that,

someone across this planet might be looking at you too.

Or to think of people who look at you, but do not see you

Or look at you, but searches for different colors

Or people, who only looks at the moon.


How wonderful, then, to have you all for myself,

my little star, up in the night sky.

For you, shall I live the rest of my nights

For you, shall I forego the moon,

that treacherous friend, who comes and goes.


And to think that, all this while,

you have been watching over me

unconditionally, without a sliver of look

in return, all this life!


I have another star in my life, little star!

For she is my mother, who shines better than the moon

and unlike that friend, never leaves my side. Are you a friend of

my mother too little star?


Are you, a little prayer from her,

send out to watch over me

to console me when I can’t cry

and bathe me with love, when she is so far away?



Or are you a little friend of her too,

I’ve always wondered, what she does

when I’m not around her. Maybe to her

you are me, a tiny little star,

proud and glowing nevertheless!


Digital Memories

You exist,deep down
in a folder hidden so well
With distractions along,not because
other might find you,
but so that I shall lose
my way, from keep going back

You exist, hidden among thousand pictures
your laughter, gay and static
beside the beach, and with me
somewhere in the corner
and because of the thousand pictures,
I won’t pretend to see it

You exist,far back in my brain
as dreams and moments and memories
like waves in an ocean,
you come back at night,
during high tide,
many a sleepless night

you exist, among the hundred commuters
on the train, in the mall,
all the places that I go to
I try my best not to glance at them,
out of fear, what if i see you?
And sometime, I do see-
bits of you in the smile,
part of you in the child’s dance
the lovely glance of the old couple

And why do I keep all these memories,
these digital memories of you?
I tell myself I don’t want to look back
Yet, destroy them, I do not

So I will let those , let be
souvenirs of a bygone time
A happy time, nonetheless
a dot in my past,
A digital memory.

And then life went on.

All that I asked of you, was warmth
and a shoulder to support,
in the dark evening.

There we could have sat,
arms locked, heads resting,
and be in complete silence,
yet, be at peace.

But you said,no
the most terrible no
I’ve heard in my entire life,
And it simply broke me down.

I didn’t even hide it,
and you pretended not to see it.

Even worse, I knew the reasons
for your choices,understood the unfair
desperate,circumstance that you were standing on.

Doesn’t make it any less painful.

And then life went on.

The Lady by the Cottage

I was wondering what to write over here, when I realized that, I have not seriously attempted at writing a poem. Well, I sort of had written something up earlier, and thought I could just put it out here.

Will you bring your walls down?
Here I am,waiting at your door,
I can’t move from here,
I am going in circles.

Your wall seems to be growing taller,
I used to jump up and could see,
the wooden house, the enchanting garden,
and you by the swing.

Heard you had a beautiful castle,
with your doors wide open
and a wizard passed your way once,                                                                                                                                               and burned everything to ashes.
Oh, no wizard I am,
your neighbour next door,
ready to be the knight in armour
if something dreadful comes your way.

You have given this passerby
pleasant sight for his sore eyes,
He has heard the love in thee songs,
when none thought you spoke

My lady, there is a heart,that
yearns for thy songs,
yet the heart knows, that the destruction
by the wizard, was too evil

And that it takes time,
of which, you have none to spare,
as you need to leave this place
for all that must be done

For ask you to wait,
I cannot, and you know that too
So here I am, outside your walls
helpless, sore and lonely.

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