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Mom and Cats

Kids are the best source of innocence, perhaps apart from my mom.

Last year, when I was in India, a pregnant cat had somehow found its way to our store room. I don’t blame the cat, it really is a safe place where predators wont find them. I don’t know what you call this in other places, but its where we keep all the things “that might come in useful someday” and old newspapers, woollen sacks,some food stuff and so on. It’s sort of a messy room really.

So my mom being a typical mom, starts getting agitated. She doesn’t really like cats, but don’t mind them either. It’s really cute of her. I would suggest throwing the cat away playfully  and she would be like, “No!”. Motherly instincts. Anyway, the feline gave birth to some four or five tiny kittens. It was quite cute to hear the small meow meow coming from the store room. The thing that surprised me was it was hard for me to find where they were! Even in the store room, the mother had chosen to put her home at a height, inside a cardboard box. Typical of a cat to go for a box.

Now mom was getting more agitated, one moment she’ll be like oh no, the kittens are making so much noise, I cant work in the kitchen, and a bit later she’ll be like, awwww they sound so cute.  There is this guy, Philip who does some yard work for us, and we mentioned it to him about the kittens when he came around. She asked if he wanted the kittens, and if he didn’t want, to throw them away somewhere. No no, don’t kill them.

He agrees and says he will come another day. 2 days later he’s back, at something like 8 in the morning. He never comes that early and we were wondering why. Apparently, his kids loved cats so much, and one of the cat went missing or something and they had been crying out ever since. He told them about the kittens in our house and they started pestering him from the moment. He could no longer bear their pleads  and came home to take them away.

Now we had forgotten about the mother cat. Her cries were so heart breaking, mom wanted to go get the kittens back. She would be cutting some vegetables and when she hears the cat, she would stop and listen, and then look at me.

After some time the cat went away, never to be seen again. I don’t think mom has moved the box from the store still.


Missing hugs

As I am sitting here on the train, after a long day at work, I just want some hugs. I just want to feel the warmth of a human body, a reassurance that I’m indeed alive and walking. 

I think thats why people love pets so much. They can hold, hug, kiss them anytime, anywhere. There is a sense of comfort in that I guess. And no question of labelling the relationship. Wish it could be the same with humans. 

Back home, once the days sets, I would probably be hanging around at my cousin’s house- playing with my sweet little Mabel  and Marvel. Their tiny voice and crazy antics fills up my heart. I especially miss holding her in my arms. Still can feel her head on my shoulder when she falls asleep. Is it selfish to ask that kids dont grow up? Let them be kids! Let them spread joy and happiness and give us all that fuzziness! 

Over here, in Singapore, thats what I miss the most. I live with my friends around the same age. We live harmoniously, is generally happy to see each other, but that sense of  “family” is missing I guess.   

Looking around, I think that is the case with most of the people. All of us just want somebody. Not necessarily to love and make out with, but just need them to be a presence, in an otherwise lame day. 

I just want some hugs very very badly. Missing you a lot more Mom.


My brother got married last year.  It was an arranged marriage(Yes, I know, its silly- but my brother and my sister in law is lucky).  She is a lovely lady, we all fit very comfortably with each other.  

One of the major problem after a wedding would be the integration of the wife to the family.  My mom is a lovely person. I am not boasting, she is a such an angel, with a big heart and forgives everyone almost instantly. One of my major concern for my sister-in-law was how things would be between her and my mom.  Not to my surprise, they go together awesomely. Quite a cute, happy little family.  

Now, if I had even the teeniest bit of doubt whether my mom did actually like her daughter-in-law,  it was pretty much cleared last night.

 My brother is currently overseas, and his wife was away at her own home for a couple of days. Both me and brother usually calls home several times a week. But past week, we did not call after Monday. And when I called home on Saturday, the first thing she said was this,

I was wondering why none of my three children have not called me again this week“. 

Three. She considered my sister-in-law as her third child. It’s hard to explain what I felt. If I was near her, I could have just hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. 

Every person should  be lucky enough to hear such a statement from their mother-in-law. 

Love you loads mom. 

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